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Weather at Suni Sands in Jupiter, Florida:

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Resident Log In:

Suni Sands residents may "Log In" below for access to the Private "Residents Only" Section.

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* Your Password is "Case Sensitive" (i.e. if your password is Ab3, do not enter AB3 or ab3).

Purpose of This Website:

To provide information for all Suni Sands residents, and to help with the exchange of information and ideas between residents.  If your neighbor does not have access to the internet, please invite that neighbor over to share your connection.

Why Two Menu Sections?

1. "PUBLIC Menus" are open for residents, potential residents, friends, and anyone who stumbles upon this website.

2. "PRIVATE Menus" are for "Residents Only", due to security and confidentiality issues with peoples' schedules, contact information, personal discussions, etc.

Where is Suni Sands?

Suni Sands is in the Town of Jupiter, which is at the north-east corner of Palm Beach County on Florida's Atlantic Coast.  It is about 15 miles north of Palm Beach Island and West Palm Beach.

Suni Sands is due East of the center of Florida's largest lake, Lake Okeechobee, which can be seen in satellite images!

This webpage updated:  March 4, 2012 6:05 PM

The "Fine Print":  Any views or opinions presented in this website are solely those of the residents, and they do not necessarily represent those of the park owner, the park management, or the home owners' association.  This website is not sponsored by "Suni Sands Mobile Home Park, Inc.", the "Home Owners Association", or any other company or organization.

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