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About Our Historic Community

by Paul Knight April 10, 2011

Suni Sands Historic Mobile Home Park is a small "55+" community within the Town of Jupiter on the east coast of South Florida.  It has a charming "old Florida" atmosphere and spectacular views.

Suni "Sands" has sandy beaches on the south shore of the Jupiter Inlet, which connects with the Atlantic Ocean to the east.  Our residents and visitors have great views of the historic and famous "Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse", which is located north-west of the park — this lighthouse is the oldest existing structure in Palm Beach County.  We also enjoy watching the comings and goings of all sizes of pleasure boats and yachts, plus many deep-sea fishing boats.

This is a very popular boating area.  Suni Sands lies at the junction of the Jupiter Inlet, the Loxahatchee River, and the Intracoastal Waterway (a 3000-mile long inland waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States).  Therefore, we can see many interesting boats and luxurious yachts, which are cruising from the north and the south, and even some from the east and the west!  I took the picture below in April 2006 looking south from a bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway — the Suni Sands community is near the top of this picture.

Boats & Suni Sands

This is also a very popular deep-sea fishing area because the Atlantic Gulf Stream is closest to the east coast of the United States near Jupiter.  And, the Jupiter Inlet provides access to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The climate here is "sub-tropical".  Florida is so large that it has three climate zones, as shown on the map below.  When I learned about Florida's 3 climate zones, I finally understood why some tourists bragged about the hot and sunny weather in Florida, while others complained about the cold and even the occasional snow fall!  Many winter "Get-Away" flights — for Americans in the northern states and for Canadians — take tourists to Orlando or the Tampa area, where the weather can be very different from South Florida weather.

Three Climates Map


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